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Buying or selling a house?

Buying a property is, for most of us, the biggest purchase we will ever make – and it is important we get it right.

We need to know our potential new property can be enjoyed in the way we intend, if there are any developments in the immediate area which might affect our home in the future, and we need to be sure that every professional in the purchasing process is acting diligently.

Equally if we are selling a property and moving on, we need to protect ourselves legally at every step too.

It is well known that buying and selling property can be very stressful and we can help. Here at Bevirs, we have designed our own package – HomeMove – to support you through this process.

We have a co-ordinated team dedicated to managing the technical and administrative tasks involved in a house sale or purchase. All members of the Home Move team are highly trained and expereinced legal professionals.

If you wish to ask us any questions about buying or selling a property, please do so by emailing us here or, if you want to think about it, feel free to sign up to our newsletter here and contact us at your convenience.

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